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Diabetic Emergency
24X7 Insulin Pump
Diabetic Emergency
24X7 Insulin Pump
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Hormonal Pharmacy
Hormonal Pharmacy:

AED Hormonal Pharmacy Provides wide-range of medications & drugs covering Diabetes, Thyroid Disorders, Hormonal Injections & Tablets & are sold only with Valid-Doctor Prescription. Our Hormonal Pharmacy with a strong commitment and experience Sells only Quality medicines. AED Hormonal Pharmacy is meant for providing high quality services to our customers. Our Hormonal Pharmacy has qualified & trained Pharmacists, who helps you with prescription instructions & no scope for spurious drugs, expired medicines and substitution.

  • Provides every kind of Medication that Your Family Needs
  • Computerized billing system
  • Low Prices with Family Cards
  • Patient education leaf-lets & Covers